July 2018

Close up of a CCTV security system camera in Henderson, TX.

Business & Home Security in Henderson – Crime Stats & More

Henderson, TX Crime Overview Henderson, Texas is a mid-size town that has been subject to a high amount of crime recently. From 1990 until 2009, the population stayed fairly constant at around 11,000 residents. In 2010, the population made a fairly large jump to about 13,700 and has stayed fairly

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3D Security, Inc. employee installing a security system in Kilgore, TX.

Kilgore Security Systems – Crime Overview & More

Kilgore, TX Crime Overview Kilgore, Texas is a relaxing town in East Texas. It’s a nice mid-sized town that’s slower paced than some of the bigger surrounding cities, and it’s a great place to relax and raise a family. Unfortunately, crime rates are a bit high in the area compared

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