A kid sitting on the couch playing a game while a burglar lurks in the background.

Keeping Your Children Safe When They’re Home Alone

Sometimes it’s impossible to be home with your kids, and you may not have the luxury to take them with you—whether school was cancelled due to inclement weather, you need to attend a work meeting, or any number of other reasons. Many parents often worry about leaving their children at

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A man's hand holding a smartphone viewing a CCTV security feed, with blurry security cameras in the background.

Using Your Smartphone to Manage Your Business Security System

It’s no secret that businesses are popular targets for criminals looking to make a quick buck. However, as technology has improved, so has the ability for business owners to protect themselves from burglary and loss. Smartphones are now ubiquitous, and advancements in security technology have made it possible to tightly

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Home lit up at night in a suburb with a well-kept lawn and lighting to help with home security

Spring Cleaning Tips to Improve Your Home Security

With warmer weather comes an increased risk of burglaries. As the temperature begins to rise, so does the number and frequencies of burglaries. While burglars aren’t quite as active in spring as they are during the summer months (when burglary rates tend to be the highest), this time of year

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Security camera hiding in a wooden bird house.

How to Hide Security Cameras Inside & Outside Your Home

Placing security cameras prominently around your property may be a good deterrent to would-be criminals, but there are several reasons that hidden security cameras may be a better option. As mentioned above, the main benefit of having plain-sight security cameras is to act as a warning and potentially stop thieves

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Burglar entering a house through a window to steal presents under a Christmas tree.

The Holiday Burglary Spike is Near – Protect Your Home

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, home burglary tends to follow seasonal patterns. While burglaries and various crimes often peak during the summer, they also tend to peak during holidays. Last year we looked at how crime (such as home break-ins) tends to spike around the time people leave their

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Security camera picture of a thief walking away from a door with stolen packages.

Protecting Packages Delivered to Your Home

With the holidays around the corner and many stores staying closed due to Covid-19, many people are turning to online shopping instead of going to stores to find the perfect gifts for friends and loved ones. While taking an online shopping approach can help reduce contact with others and is

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Close up of halloween decorations - ghosts and pumpkin lights - at night.

Protecting Your Home & Property on Halloween

2020 has been an interesting year for several reasons—the continuing coronavirus issues being a major contributor. With Halloween around the corner, different municipalities and states will be recommending various safety measures to try and keep everyone as safe as possible… but you can be sure many people will be choosing

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Close up of gloved hand stealing a watch from a retail store during a burglary.

Most Commonly Stolen Items in Homes & Businesses

If you own a home or a business (or both), there’s always a non-zero chance you may be a victim of burglary at some point. How likely you are to become a victim depends on a number of factors—such as surrounding area crime rates, location of your property (isolated areas

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Close up of an elder woman's hands resting with her caregivers on her cane discussing personal emergency security system options.

The Many Benefits of Personal Emergency Response Systems

The first thing that many people think of when they hear the phrase “personal emergency response system” (PERS) is usually an elderly adult falling, injuring themselves, and unable to get up or receive help in a timely manner. While a PERS can be a true lifesaver for older adults who

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