Can Your Dog Prevent Burglaries?

A German Shepard looking through a fence in the yard.

Dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years. Dogs are loyal and protective, and they’re great for keeping you company. A common question many find themselves asking is: “Can dogs keep my home safe from burglars?”

Is Your Dog an Effective Deterrent for Burglars?

Studies have shown that people and families who own at least one dog are less likely to become victims of burglary. As we know, thieves often go for the easiest targets. A recent interview among dozens of burglars showed that many would-be invaders decided against breaking into a home if they knew there was a dog inside. Not only do dogs create a lot of unwanted noise, but there’s always a risk of being bitten or injured that’s not present in a dog-free home.

However, a dog isn’t 100% effective when it comes to thwarting burglars from breaking into your home and stealing your belongings. The size of your dog can impact how likely they are to scare off thieves. As you might guess, bigger dogs are more likely to scare away potential crooks. However, even a small barking dog can be a decent deterrent, but it will be more of a deterrent if you have a large dog.

While a lot of burglars are either scared of dogs or want to avoid them altogether, but you should know that not all burglars will be scared by your furry friend. In fact, some may even be prepared and able to outsmart them by tricking them with treats, trapping them in rooms, or letting them out so they can have free reign of your house undisturbed.

Training Your Dog

Training your dog to be a guard dog can be difficult, but many dogs are naturally inclined to bark at strangers in their home so it may not take much work to have a dog who can scare off burglars. If you want a true guard dog, however, you’ll most likely need to have a professional trainer work with your dog.

With that said, if you want your dog to ward off criminals (potentially, at least), it may be a good idea to reward them when they bark as people approach your property or door, as this barking is usually what will stop a burglar. The downside of this is it will bark at everyone, even welcomed guests, which can be irritating.

When your dog barks at everything, it’s more of an alert dog or watch dog, and not really a true guard dog. A properly trained guard dog behaves in a more precise manner: it can growl or bark to ward off a threat, and can attack (autonomously, or at your command if you happen to be home) if the threat doesn’t remove itself.

Dog + Security System

Having a dog at home in addition to a security system is an effective combo that adds an extra layer of security for your home. Your dog alone may be enough to deter an intruder, but your security system will be there in the event that the intruder is not deterred by your dog.

As we’ve discussed above, a dog alone may not be enough to keep a motivated burglar away, so it’s a good idea to invest in a home security system to keep your family and belongings safe. If you live in the East Texas area, contact 3D Security to discuss your security needs and goals. Our friendly security experts will work with you to create and implement a security system that will meet and exceed your expectations, while staying within your budget.