Business Security

A security camera in the hallway of an East Texas hotel.

Security Cameras & CCTV for Hotels in East Texas

In today’s connected world, security cameras are seen just about everywhere. From coffee shops to gas stations and grocery stores, businesses small and large are installing cameras so that they can keep an eye on what’s happening at their locations day or night. In order to keep your hotel safe

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The silhouette of an oil rig against a setting sun in East Texas.

Protecting Your Oilfield with a Security System

It’s no secret that an oilfield requires a lot of sophisticated tools, technology, and assets. Many oilfields are in remote areas, which makes them attractive targets for thieves. With the rising costs associated with running oilfields, it’s more important than ever to protect your sites from bad actors. Many oilfield

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A blue mug with a pink sign on it that says closed for the holidays.

Business Security Tips for the Holiday Season

While summer is when crime usually peaks for the year, something about the holidays seems to draw burglars and thieves out. While the season is a time of joy, it’s also a time for business owners to exercise extra caution to protect themselves, staff, customers, property, and assets. With the

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A close up of a gloved burglar's hand breaking a business window to get inside.

Steps to Take After a Break-In at Your Business

According to the US Department of Justice, there are over 2 and a half million break-ins each year, and small businesses are the target of one-third of these break-ins. Thieves love targeting small and mid-size businesses of all kinds for a variety of reasons.  Even if a business doesn’t keep

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A CCTV camera mounted outside a restaurant with tables in the background.

Restaurant Security Best Practices

Restaurant security is an ongoing concern for owners, managers, and employees. From following OSHA regulations and food safety guidelines to keeping customers fed and happy, restaurant owners have a lot to take care of on a day-to-day basis. One top priority restaurateurs must focus on is the safety of their

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A security guard watching security footage from an integrated commercial security system.

Ways an Integrated Commercial Security System Benefits Your Business

Criminal activity can cause devastating damages to businesses, and deterring would-be thieves and bad actors from targeting your organization can help protect your employees and keep your assets safe. How can an integrated business security system prevent loss, protect you and your employees, and safeguard your business? A security system

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A man's hand holding a smartphone viewing a CCTV security feed, with blurry security cameras in the background.

Using Your Smartphone to Manage Your Business Security System

It’s no secret that businesses are popular targets for criminals looking to make a quick buck. However, as technology has improved, so has the ability for business owners to protect themselves from burglary and loss. Smartphones are now ubiquitous, and advancements in security technology have made it possible to tightly

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Picture of a security camera as part of a retail security system - blurry background showing the interior of a store.

Techniques & Security Technology to Deter Shoplifters

Proper Employee Training Many shoplifters exhibit suspicious tell-tale behaviors when they’re planning to steal goods. Teaching your employees to keep an eye out for these behaviors can help prevent shoplifting or stop shoplifters in the act. Some behaviors common among shoplifters include: Avoiding eye contact Looking over their shoulder frequently

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