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Woman entering security code on a Clarksville City security alarm system.

Burglar Alarms & Security Systems in Clarksville City, TX

Clarksville City TX Crime Statistics Clarksville City, TX is a fairly small East Texas city that is currently home to approximately 900 residents. Usually as towns grow larger they start to see a higher uptick in crime, but sometimes small cities can suffer from high crime rates–and unfortnately, Clarksville City

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Close-up of a man holding a smartphone to lock his home security system in Ore City, TX.

Commercial & Residential Security Systems in Ore City

Ore City Crime & Population Overview Ore City, TX has seen a slow, steady growth in population over the past 30 years–its current population is right around 1,200 residents, up from near 900 residents in 1990. Ore City has about 490 people per square mile, which makes its population fairly

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Person using a crowbar to break into a home or business without a security system in Lone Star, TX.

Looking for a Security System in Lone Star, TX?

Lone Star, TX Population & Crime Analysis Lone Star, TX is home to right around 1,500 residents, which is a slight decline over the past ~30 years (down from 1,606 in 1990). It’s a quiet, fairly peaceful town–though it does have its fair share of crime. Fortunately, the crime isn’t

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Young boy pressing the keypad on a home security system in Edgewood, TX.

Edgewood, TX Home & Business Security Alarm Solutions

Edgewood, TX Crime Statistics Edgewood, Texas, located in Van Zandt County, is home to about 1,500 people–the town has seen a small increase in population over the past 30 years (up from around 1,300 residents in 1990). Edgewood is a peaceful town, and happens to be much safer than many

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CCTV video camera against a blue sky in a Hugest Springs Security System.

Hughes Springs Security System Options

Hughes Springs Crime Information Hughes Springs, TX has been home to between 1700 and 1800 residents for the past 30 years. Generally, smaller cities with stable populations tend to have lower crime rates–though that’s certainly not always the case. Fortunately for its residents, Hughes Springs is indeed a safe town

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Close of up smart phone enabling a security system in Quitman, TX.

Do You Need a Security System in Quitman, TX?

Quitman Crime Statistics Quitman, TX has experienced slight growth over the past 30 years. Its current population is at 1,824 residents, up from 1,690 residents in 1990. It’s a relatively peaceful area of East Texas, with almost annual violent crime to speak of. Annual Violent Crime: 1Annual Property Crime: 31

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