Gilmer Security Systems: Crime Statistics & Prevention

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Gilmer, TX Crime Statistics

Gilmer, Texas has had a population of roughly 5,000 for the past 30 years, currently at approximately 5,100 residents. It’s a beautiful area in East Texas, and home to Gilmer lake, which is a popular destination for locals when the weather’s nice. Like many other towns in East Texas, the crime rate in the area is significantly higher than Texas state averages. There’s only roughly ~240 violent and property crimes per year in the city:

Annual Violent Crimes: 40
Annual Property Crimes: 194

These numbers may not seem high, but when you look at the overall population count, it puts Gilmer at an 8 out of 100 on the crime index scale, meaning that it’s safer to live in than only 8% of all cities in the nation. Out of every 1,000 residents in the city, 37 will be victims of property crime each year. If you’re a resident of the area, that puts your odds at 1 in 27, which makes it much more likely that you’ll be a victim than in many other parts of Texas (the average odds are 1 in 36).

Gilmer Home Alarm & Security Systems

As with many areas in East Texas where crime rates are higher than state and national averages, residents of Gilmer would be wise to invest in or upgrade their current security system (or have one installed). If you’re a resident, you don’t have to leave your security to chance. Many think they won’t be a victim of property crime… until it’s too late.

Home security doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated–it just has to work. However, not all security systems are created equal; some are higher quality and more reliable than others, and some have more features and functionality. What’s important is that you have a system that works for you and your needs.

More specifically. you need a system that you can count on to reliably monitor your home and property 24/7. Some systems may fail to alert when they’re needed, others may trip when no danger is present. Either way, you lose. If your alarm fails to alert, a burglar is granted free reign in your home. If your system is overly sensitive, you may face warnings and fines from local law enforcement. It’s a delicate balance.

With so many choices on the market today, it can be difficult to know what system and tools you need to meet your needs. fortunately, you don’t have to guess and hope for the best. At 3D Security, Inc., we’re proud to install security solutions of the highest quality for residents of the Gilmer, TX area, and we’d love to talk with you about implementing security in your home, or helping you upgrade your current system.

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Gilmer Commercial & Industrial Security Systems

If you run a business or organization in Gilmer, there’s a good chance it’s important to you, so it’s important to ensure it’s protected. While some things may be out of your control (the economy, natural disasters, etc.), it’s important to safeguard your business in any way you can–and that includes preventing bad actors from stealing assets and causing damage.

No matter what type of business or organization you run, would-be thieves may have you in their cross-hairs at any time, primed and ready to strike when the opportunity arises. Break-ins can lead to loss of company assets and personal assets (yours and your employees/staff), and leave you with a hefty repair bill to boot.

Some businesses and organizations may just need a simple monitor that guards doors and windows. Others businesses may need more advanced security features, such as CCTV and video surveillance, access control and more industrial-strength security measures. If you don’t have a system that you know is protecting your business effectively, now would be a great time to reach out to security experts to discuss what tools you can utilize and what steps you can take for maximum protection based on your needs.

At 3D Security, Inc., we know each business is unique and has different needs, and we’re happy to help discuss your current situation to see where you stand and ensure you have the perfect security solution for your business or organization.

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