How to Hide Security Cameras Inside & Outside Your Home

Security camera hiding in a wooden bird house.

Placing security cameras prominently around your property may be a good deterrent to would-be criminals, but there are several reasons that hidden security cameras may be a better option.

As mentioned above, the main benefit of having plain-sight security cameras is to act as a warning and potentially stop thieves and vandals from acting. However, because these cameras are easy to see, they’re more easily disabled than hidden cameras. Hidden cameras throughout your property can help keep your surveillance from being tampered with, while also not altering your home’s aesthetics.

Additionally, hidden cameras strategically placed inside your home can be useful for more than just monitoring for intruders. Keeping an eye on your babysitter to ensure they’re taking care of your children while you’re away is a common use for indoor cameras (often referred to as “nanny cams”). Similarly, many people install hidden security cameras to keep an eye on in-home care patients to ensure no abuse or neglect of elderly family members occurs while no family is around.

If you don’t mind the sight of plain-view security cameras around your house and property, your best choice is a combination of hidden and visible cameras. The visible cameras act as a deterrent, while the hidden cameras will continue to record if the plain-sight cameras are disabled.


Hiding Outdoor Security Cameras

When installing outdoor security cameras, there are a few key areas you should focus on—any gates or entryways to your property (if applicable), your front and back doors/porches, your garage (if applicable), and ideally any larger windows where burglars and intruders could climb through. The key is to ensure you cameras have enough lighting to clearly record footage.


Disguising Your Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras

If you’re creative enough, there’s no end to what you can hide security cameras in around your perimeter. Here is a list of common tried-and-true ways to conceal your cameras:

Bird Houses – A common item in many yards across the country, bird houses are a great way to place hidden security cameras wherever you’d like in your yard.

Plants – From hiding cameras in hanging potted plants on your porch, to hiding them in plants around your sidewalks and walkways, or even in trees, plants are a great option for hiding cameras.

Light Fixtures – Most people expect lights around doorways, and there are several ways to hide small cameras in these fixtures so you can clearly capture faces or suspicious activity at your doors.

Lawn Décor – Flamingos, gnomes, and other lawn décor can be a perfect home for a hidden security camera.

Fake Rocks – Another reliable way to hide cameras—most people don’t pay much attention to rocks in a yard, so they can be a great place to conceal a camera. When placed right, rocks can be aesthetically pleasing, as well.

Behind Windows – While these might be easier to spot than cameras hidden in more covert ways, they can act as a deterrent and can be more difficult to get to and disable.


Hiding Indoor Security Cameras

There are many ideal rooms and areas in your house where you can install hidden security cameras. Bedrooms, the living room, playrooms, offices, and hallways are the most common areas. No matter where you place them, be sure you have sufficient lighting so you can actually see what’s going on in the footage. Additionally, when possible, hide your cameras in areas where they can capture most of a room to see and record as much as possible.


Disguising Your Hidden Indoor Security Cameras

Smoke Detectors – Smoke alarm cameras are mounted on the ceiling and can record awesome footage in a wide-angle view of a room, and very few people will suspect a smoke detector is actually a camera.

Stuffed Animals & Toys – If you have children, hiding a camera in a stuffed bear or similar and placing the bear in the corner of your child’s room can be an efficient way to hide a camera while keeping an eye on your babysitter.

TV Stands / Entertainment Centers – A great option for surveillance in your living room, office, or playroom.

Plants – Plants with a lot of foliage can be a great hiding spot for a camera, and they can be placed just about anywhere around your house—on counters, in corners of rooms, in hallways, etc.

Paperweights & Desk Accessories – Small cameras can be disguised as paperweights, tissue boxes, computer mice, and other common desktop and table-top items and left in dining rooms, on work desks, on counters, and more.

Books – A hollowed-out book can comfortably house a high-definition security camera, and a hole in the spine can allow the camera lens to record undetected. Simply slip the disguised camera in between other books.


Whether you’re looking for hidden indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, or plain-view security cameras (or a combination) to add more security to your home or business, it’s a good idea to consult with a local security expert who can discuss options and ensure you get the best setup for your budget.

If you’re considering installing hidden security cameras inside or outside your home or business, or if want to incorporate any type of CCTV video surveillance technology into your security system in the East Texas area, contact 3D Security, Inc. today to discuss your needs and goals. We’ll work with you to craft and implement security equipment that meets and exceeds your expectations.