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Karnack Crime Overview

Karnack, TX has been home to about 2,500 residents since 1990, with a slow increase in population to ~2,700 residents in the past few years. In general (at least in Texas), smaller towns that don’t see large population booms tend to have stable, lower crime rates. There are, of course, exceptions, but fortunately Karnack is not one of these high-crime rate small towns. In fact, Karnack has a lower crime rate than the Texas average when it comes to property crime.

Annual Violent Crime: 20
Annual Property Crime: 56

Quite a few towns and cities in East Texas have crime rates that are much higher than the state and national average (some have up to double the crime rate), but Karnack tends to be a safer place to live than much of the surrounding area. With that said, it’s not nearly as safe as some surrounding cities, so ensuring your home, family, property, and business are secured and protected is a wise idea.

When it comes to property crime, and crime in general, many people believe it can’t happen to them, which makes them more ideal targets than those who are prepared–it’s better to secure our property before it’s targeted by criminals and bad-actors, instead of acting after it’s too late.

Karnack Residential & Home Security Systems

With a moderate crime rate, as outlined above, it can be easy to slip into a false sense of security, which makes would-be criminals and thieves’ jobs much easier. They count on people not properly securing their homes, cars, and assets, and will often scout a potential target to decide if it’s worth pursuing.

Instead of making it easy on them, installing a modern, reliable home security system to protect yourself, your family, and your property is a much smarter decision–and fortunately it’s easier and more affordable than ever. The effectiveness of technology has improved over the years, and price has come down across the board, and the same is true for high-quality security system components.

You may be just fine with simple door and window monitoring to detect unauthorized access to your home, from doors and windows opening at time’s they’re not supposed to (while everyone’s asleep, for example), and windows & sliding glass doors being smashed when you’re out for the day or away on a vacation. At the bare minimum, this type of security is highly recommended, as it can prevent and deter most bad actors.

In addition, you may wish to look into a more comprehensive home security solution. There are plenty of tools available at your disposal, including perimeter monitoring, CCTV and remote video monitoring solutions, interior motion detection, and a variety of other devices and technologies, all which can be integrated to give you a sphere of protection around your home and property.

However, with so many options, ensuring you’ve chosen the right brands and solutions can be a bit tricky. The last thing you want is a system that’s ineffective and doesn’t properly alert you (and the authorities) when a crime is in progress. Similarly, you don’t want a system that is overzealous and throws false alarms–too many can lead to trouble with local law enforcement, which can result in fines, embarrassment, stress, and headaches.

Fortunately, you don’t have to make the decision alone. Consulting with local security experts is a great way to ensure you have exactly what you need to match your budget, goals, and expectations. 3D Security, Inc. has been helping residents in the Karnack area–along with home owners all across East Texas–with reliable, “technically sound” monitoring & alarm systems for almost 30 years. We’d love to help you secure your premises and bring you peace of mind, so call us today at 903-657-2217 to discuss your needs and goals.

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Karnack Commercial & Business Security Systems

If you run a business or organization of any kind in Karnack, investing in a solid business, commercial, or industrial security system is a good idea. No matter what business you’re in, or how big your business may be, it’s a potential target for criminals–especially if they find out you don’t have a reliable security system.

Thieves know that businesses and organizations of all types, from small business offices to medical offices, to schools, banks, oilfields, and anything in between have hard assets that can be ripe for the picking. In addition to hard assets owned by the business to yours and your employee’s personal assets that may be left on the premises, there’s usually plenty of things worth stealing.

The best way to prevent theft and damage and protect yourself, employees, clients, and visitors is with a security system that you can count on. With that said, the features you need will depend on the nature of your business and desired level of protection. Smaller offices may only need simple coverage, such as door and window monitoring, while larger businesses may need more advanced security such as CCTV, access control, biometric scanning, and other more advanced security technology.

The best way to determine exactly what your business or organization needs is to discuss your situation and goals with a security expert who can help you decide what features and functionality you need to have comprehensive, reliable coverage. 3D Security, Inc. has helped businesses and organizations of all types and sizes in Karnack (and the surrounding areas) secure their businesses–including security for everything from small offices to banks, hospitals, oilfields, prisons, and much more. We’re confident we can deliver the security your business needs and deserves, so give us a call at 903-657-2217 or drop us a message via our Contact Page, we’d love to work with you.

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