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Kilgore, TX Crime Overview

Kilgore, Texas is a relaxing town in East Texas. It’s a nice mid-sized town that’s slower paced than some of the bigger surrounding cities, and it’s a great place to relax and raise a family. Unfortunately, crime rates are a bit high in the area compared to the national averages, state averages, and even compared to other East Texas cities (where crime is generally higher than average).

Here are some numbers to keep in mind when you decide whether or not it’s time to invest in business or home security system in Kilgore:

Annual Violent Crimes: 64
Annual Property Crimes: 523

With over 500 property crimes committed each year in Kilgore, the property crime rate at over 35 per 1000 residents. The crime index is 11, which means Kilgore is more dangerous than 89% of all other cities in the United States.

The chances of becoming a victim of a property crime in Marshall are 1 in 28, which is fairly standard for East Texas cities, and much higher than the Texas average. Fortunately violent crimes are low in the area, at 1 in 232, which is on par for the national average. So while you and your family are fairly safe from violence, there’s unfortunately still a fairly high chance of being a victim of property crime.

Kilgore Home Security Systems

Due to higher property crime rates in East Texas (including Kilgore), it’s a good idea to ensure your home and property are protected with a home security system you can count on. With 37 crimes per square mile within the city, you don’t want to be a part of the next statistic.

Thanks to modern technology, dependable home security systems are more reliable and affordable than ever. From standard door and window monitoring solutions to CCTV and remote monitoring, you have a variety of options to choose from to create the ideal security system for your needs.

Unfortunately, with so many options on the market things can get a bit overwhelming. How do you know exactly which tools and solutions you need? Which brands are most reliable? How difficult is everything to set up and configure correctly? The last thing you want to do is overpay for lower-quality options.

3D Security, Inc. is here to help with your Kilgore home security needs. Contact us to discuss your situation and we can help determine what options are best for you so you can have greater peace of mind around the clock.

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Kilgore Business Security Systems

If you run a business in Kilgore, protecting your home shouldn’t be your only priority. Each year, thousands of businesses, large and small, are victims of property crime. Theft and damage are responsible for billions of dollars in losses each year, so the better you can protect your business, the more money you can save.

Fortunately commercial security doesn’t have to be complicated. For many smaller businesses, a simple, reliable solution will be more than sufficient to deter would-be criminals from burgling or damaging your premises. However, one size does NOT fit all, so each business needs a solution custom-tailored for maximum protection.

If you have a business in the area and are looking for industrial or commercial security systems in Kilgore, contact us today to discuss your business and we’ll be happy to custom-tailor a solution that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Crime Statistics for Kilgore

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