Longview Security Systems: Do You Need One?

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Longview Crime Overview

Longview, Texas is, like many other cities in East Texas, a beautiful and booming town with a healthy economy. With 82,000 residents, there’s plenty of work to be done and recreational activities to enjoy. However, with high population often comes high crime rates, and Longview is no different. Since it’s one of the larger cities in East Texas, it’s no surprise that Longview attracts its fair share of criminals.

Here are some numbers to keep in mind when you decide whether or not it’s time to implement or improve the security in your home or at your place of business:

Annual Violent Crimes: 311

Annual Property Crimes: 2,984

With almost 3,000 property crimes committed each year in Longview, that puts the property crime rate at 37 per 1000 residents.

The chances of becoming a victim of a property crime in Longview are 1 in 27, which is much higher than the Texas average (at 1 in 36).

What’s more, there are roughly 59 crimes per square mile per year in the city, which is almost double the Texas average (30 per square mile).

Longview Residential Security Systems

With crime rates considerably higher than the state average, it’s a very wise idea to implement a security system for your home to protect your personal property from potential criminals, thieves and troublemakers. Not only can you prevent damage and loss, but you’ll have more peace of mind knowing that your property is locked down, even when you’re miles away (whether you’re at the office, out of town, visiting friends and family, or on vacation).

Residential security has evolved over the years, and you want to be sure you have a system that covers every part of your home and property. The ideal solution is a “Technically Correct” home security system that monitors doors, windows (opening & breaking), has external sirens, and zones for each alarm so you know where a break-in is happening.

In addition to these features, good home security systems can include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide, leak detectors, medical panic features, and more to keep you and your family safe from other threats.

It’s also important that your system does not throw false alarms, because too many can result in slow response times from law enforcement (and can lead to fines)… not to mention you may become reluctant to use the very system designed to protect you, your family and your property because of embarrassment or worry that it may go off without reason. 3D Security Inc. is proud to offer extremely accurate, “Technically Correct” home security systems and surveillance cameras that residents in Longview and the surrounding areas have relied upon for almost 30 years.

Be sure to check out our home security systems page for more information, or feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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Longview Commercial Security Systems

No matter what kind of business you run in Longview, it’s important that you secure your premises to prevent theft and damage to company and employee property. This is true whether you run a small 2-3 person office, a huge manufacturing facility with 100’s of employees, or any size in-between. It’s also true no matter what type of business or organization you run – from banks, to medical facilities, an oilfield, a shopping center, a museum, a school, or anything else.

Industrial and Commercial Security often includes an array of systems integrated together into a single platform that is used to protect personnel and hard assets. Each solution is unique to each individual client, and we’re happy to help discuss your current situation and needs to ensure you have the perfect system for your business/organization.

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Crime Stats for Longview: Neighborhood Scout

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