Mount Pleasant Security Systems – Crime & Stats

CCTV security system image of a burglar breaking into a home in Mount Pleasant, TX.

Mount Pleasant Crime Overview

Mount Pleasant is a mid-sized town that is the county seat and largest city of Titus County. Since 1990 it’s population has grown by about 4,000 people, to its current population of about 16,000 residents. As far as towns in East Texas go, the crime rate is about the average for mid-to-bigger cities in the area. Compared to mid-sized towns in Texas in general, and in the United States overall, the crime rate is quite a bit higher than average. Because of this, investing in a new (or improved) security system is a wise idea, especially as the area continues to grow.

Annual Violent Crimes: 73

Annual Property Crimes: 585

At almost 600 property crimes per year, Mount Pleasant has a crime rate of 36 per 1000 residents, and the chances of becoming a victim of property crime are 1 in 28, which is significantly higher than the Texas average (1 in 36), which is on par with many bigger cities in the East Texas area.

This means there are roughly 43 crimes per square mile each year, and the city only covers about 13 square miles.

Mount Pleasant Home Security Systems

The crime rates in Mount Pleasant are significantly higher than Texas averages, which means protecting yourself and your property is paramount. Protecting yourself, your family, your property, and everything you’ve worked for is important, and a great way to help secure the well-being of all that is yours is with a reliable home security system.

You may already have a home security system, but technology has come a long way in recent years, and that applies to residential security technology as well. Modern-day solutions can provide better coverage and more features, including CCTV and remote monitoring, perimeter monitoring, and more. They’re also more reliable than ever; solid security systems rarely (if ever) throw false alarms that alert local law enforcement, which can save embarrassment and potential fines.

Many homeowners aren’t aware that unreliable systems can trip inadvertently when no danger is present, and that when that happens more than a few times they can be held liable by the city in the form of fines. This is just one reason why ensuring you have a high-quality, dependable (technically-sound) alarm system for your home is crucial–you can save money in a variety of ways: not only can you prevent damage and losses, but you can save on potential fines, too.

Thieves aren’t the only threat to your home, either. Carbon monoxide and deadly gasses are often undetectable until it’s too late if you don’t have the right equipment monitoring your home. More robust security systems can keep watch over your home 24/7 and alert you as soon as anything suspicious is detected, helping keep yourself and your family safe.

3D Security Inc. has been offering highly-accurate, “Technically Correct” home security systems and surveillance cameras to residents in Mount Pleasant and the East Texas are for close to 30 years now, and we proudly stand behind the systems we provide.

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Mount Pleasant Business & Industrial Security Systems

If you run a business or organization of any type in Mount Pleasant, where it be a small office, a healthcare facility, a bank, or anything else, security should be a high priority. Having a reliable commercial security system monitoring your premises not only brings you peace of mind, it can bring peace of mind and security to your employees, staff, and team members (and, equally important: protect your personal & business assets on the premises).

What your business/organization may need will vary from others. There’s no one-solution-fits-all when it comes to proper security. With so many brands, features, and options on the market it can be overwhelming trying to decide what matches your unique needs. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Contact 3D Security, Inc. today to discuss your needs and we will work with you to ensure you’re set up with the ideal security system based on your goals and budget.

Crime Statistics for Mount Pleasant

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