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Ore City Crime & Population Overview

Ore City, TX has seen a slow, steady growth in population over the past 30 years–its current population is right around 1,200 residents, up from near 900 residents in 1990. Ore City has about 490 people per square mile, which makes its population fairly spread out versus more populous cities in Texas (and nationwide)–and in general, lower-density populations tend to experience lower crime rates. This holds true for Ore City, with fairly low annual crime rates:

Annual Violent Crimes: 3
Annual Property Crimes: 15

These numbers make Ore City safer than 58% of cities in the United States, and safer than many cities in the East Texas area. Fortunately, for residents, the odds of becoming a victim of any crime are 1 in 69, and the number of total year-over-year crimes has decreased by around 67%.

Overall, Ore City is a fairly safe place to live, which should help residents breathe easy as they go about their day-to-day lives. However, that doesn’t mean that residents are immune to crime. The odds of becoming a victim are pretty low, but it never hurts to take some precautions to help further tip the odds of keeping your home, family, and valuables safe.

Fortunately, with advances in technology, security systems have become more reliable and more affordable than ever, so it’s the perfect time to consider adding or improving security for your home or business.

Ore City Home & Residential Security System Options

In a town where the population is over 1,000 and the annual property crime count is around 15 incidents per year, it’s easy to feel safe–and you should. Ore City has a solid A- overall crime rating, so it’s a great place to consider planting your roots.

With that said, the odds of becoming a victim of any crime in Ore City is 1 in 69 (and the majority of crimes are property-related, as opposed to personal or physical attacks), so you aren’t immune to becoming an unlucky victim of property crime in the area.

A reliable security system can help keep your home and property safe around the clock–whether you’re home asleep at 3 a.m. or halfway across the world on a well-deserved vacation. you can rest easy knowing your home is protected.

Depending on your needs and goals, a simple entry detection system may be adequate as it can alert you and the authorities when your doors or windows are breached. There are also more advanced features and options you can consider, such as video monitoring and CCTV surveillance. This can help record criminals faces and help with identification in the event that your home becomes a target.

There are a lot of other features you can look into as well, such as access control to add extra layers of security to areas of your home or property, thermal recording, biometric security, he list goes on. It can be a bit overwhelming, and not all security systems and gear are created equal, so it’s a good idea to consult with local security experts who can help advise you on your best options based on your goals and budget.

Additionally, local security experts, such as 3D Security, Inc. can not only help you choose the best gear and equipment, but can work to ensure your security system is installed and configured correctly to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency.

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Ore City Commercial & Business Security System Options

If you run a business of any type in Ore City, you may want to consider implementing security or upgrading your commercial security system if you have an old system in place.

As we mentioned earlier, advances in technology have helped improve security systems in terms of reliability, features, and pricing–and the same is true for commercial and industrial-grade security solutions.

From window and door monitoring to more advanced features such as biometrics, access control, CCTV and video monitoring, pressure switches, perimeter monitoring, there are tools and technology to help meet and exceed all of your business security needs.

Whether you run an office, a bank, a restaurant, a medical facility, an oilfield, or anything else, we’ve got the experience and expertise to help with all of your security needs. businesses and organizations of all types and sizes have relied on 3D Security, Inc. for their security needs in the East Texas area for nearly 30 years, and we’d love to help you next!

Similarly, residents and homeowners across East Texas have called on us for 3 decades to help with all of their home security needs. So whatever you need, give us a call or reach out to us on our contact form and we’ll follow up as soon as possible to discuss your situation, goals, and options to create the perfect security solution for you.

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