The Holiday Burglary Spike is Near – Protect Your Home

Burglar entering a house through a window to steal presents under a Christmas tree.

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, home burglary tends to follow seasonal patterns. While burglaries and various crimes often peak during the summer, they also tend to peak during holidays.

Last year we looked at how crime (such as home break-ins) tends to spike around the time people leave their homes to visit friends and family out of town for the holidays. We also recently discussed how package theft increases as people order and have more gifts delivered to give to loved ones.

With more people planning on staying home throughout this current holiday season, it’s a good time to look at another reason why criminals find burglaries more enticing around the holidays: gifts.

When people are gone for the holidays, homes are ripe for theft: TVs, computers, various electronics, jewelry, and more is often left unprotected. However, when people are home for the holidays, there’s a good chance there will be gifts (under the tree, stashed away in a closet or the garage, etc.) waiting to be stolen as well.

Gifts can be a gamble–while many gifts are fairly inexpensive, there’s a chance more expensive items can be found in the mix, such as smartphones and tablets, watches and jewelry, video game systems, etc. Here’s just one story of a family having their gifts stolen.


How to Protect Your Home This Holiday Season

One of the best ways to deter would-be burglars from ruining your holidays is to install a security alarm system. Properties with alarm systems are much less enticing to burglars–especially if the system has video surveillance with visible cameras.

Be sure to lock your doors and windows as often as possible. Burglars tend to wait until residents aren’t home to strike, but daytime burglaries are more common than you might imagine… so even a quick trip to the store in the afternoon can provide an opportunity for thieves.

Don’t leave discarded boxes that contained valuable items on your curb. If you or someone in your household received a new tablet, console, TV, etc., there’s a good chance the box has a lot of information about the item. Leaving it out on the curb is a good way to advertise to bad actors that said item is in the home, which might pique their interest.

If you’re one who enjoys decorating their home inside and out for the holidays, be sure to keep your drapes closed as often as possible. If you really want to show off your tree, be sure nothing of value can be seen through your window. This can be difficult to achieve, but if a burglar is able to see your TVs and electronics, presents, antiques, and other valuables from outside, they can be more tempted to break in.

Ideally, if you want to show off your decoration skills, do so with lawn and external home lights and décor and keep the tree and internal decorations as a treat for yourself, family, and guests.

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