Biometric Security Technology

Equipment to verify identity via speech, fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition. 

Biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyzes human physiological or behavioral characteristics for authentication or identification purposes. Some of the most widely used characteristics or biometric factors are fingerprints irises, voice patterns and spatial geometry of the face.

Most temporary surveillance application requirements can be met with our standard trailer platforms. However, if you have challenging requirements, we can customize our standard platforms to meet your needs.

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Cutting Edge Security Equipment

Biometrics can help increase security and improve employee productivity across any business premises.

Fingerprint Scanning

Close up of a hand placing a finger on a fingerprint scanner.

Fingerprint identification technology has seen significant advancements over the past several decades. Now, everything from smartphones to intricate access control systems utilize fingerprint recognition. In security systems, fingerprint scanners can be placed at strategic points throughout a premises. Fingerprint scanners can be programmed to grant access on a per-person basis to ensure only authorized personnel can access key areas, and the system can create a log to help determine who was where at any given time.

Speech Verification

Speech verification systems measure and analyze the characteristics of a person’s speech (such as tone and pitch) as air is pushed out of the lungs, through the vocal cords, and out of the mouth. It compares this data with the speech data given when adding the person to the security system (often through a short prompt where the person is requested to recite a few phrases so the system can get a baseline reading to compare against). If the data received is similar enough to the stored data, the system considers it a match.

Iris Recognition

Picture of an iris scanner biometric security equipment mounted on a brick wall.

Similar to fingerprint recognition technology, iris recognition technology has seen major improvements over the last several decades. Just as each fingerprint is unique, so is each iris. While iris scanners aren’t currently as common as fingerprint scanners, they work equally well when it comes to access control. As more companies and organizations are looking for ways to keep employees and visitors safer by reducing contact points throughout their buildings, iris scanners will likely become more popular than fingerprint scanners as they reduce the need to touch the device to authenticate identity.

Facial Recognition

Man using a facial recognition system.

Facial recognition is another security technology that has seen massive improvements recently. Once unreliable and easily spoofed, facial scanners are now much more accurate and are used across the world in everything from airports to busy streets, restaurants, hotels, and businesses of all types. Facial recognition technology is used by law enforcement to help track wanted criminals, but it can also be integrated with access control in business security systems to grant access to authorized personnel across a premises. Similar to other biometric technology, face scanners can create a log to keep track of who was where at any given time.

For All Your Biometric Authentication Needs

3D Security, Inc. has experience integrating biometric security technology with security systems for businesses of all types and sizes.

More and more companies and organizations of all types and sizes are adopting biometric security solutions to secure all or parts of a premises. For example, banks are utilizing biometrics to secure access to vaults and offices with sensitive documents, hospitals and medical facilities are using biometric security to limit access to sensitive medical records, medication, and equipment.

Just about any business can benefit from some form of biometric security—fingerprint scanners and facial recognition technology make it easier for employees and authorized personnel to enter and leave buildings or restricted areas without having to memorize PINs or keep track of keys or access cards (which can be stolen and used by unauthorized individuals).

Adequate biometric security systems can help reduce the need for security staff to verify badges and identities, which can result in massive savings over time. Additionally, biometric technology—especially touchless equipment—will become more in-demand and beneficial to preventing the spread of germs and illness; the less contact points in a building, the lower the chances of illness spreading.

If you’re looking to integrate biometric technology into your security system in the East Texas area, 3D Security, Inc. is ready to help. With over 30 years of experience securing businesses and organizations of all types and sizes, we’ve got the experience you can count on when it comes to protecting your staff, assets, property, and premises. Contact us today to discuss your goals and needs.



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