Cellular Security System Integration

More Reliable Than Traditional Landline Security Alarm Systems

3D Security is proud to offer Cellular Phone Modules (CSM). This CSM can be added to your security system to protect your alarm’s phone communication. When your alarm goes off or sends a report, it will go through the module to the dispatch center. This will help prevent any lost calls to Dispatch due to phone line troubles or lines that have been cut or disabled stopping your system’s ability to call out. This is a very smart idea for customers thinking of doing away with their current land lines or switching to any Internet or Cable phone service. The CSM allows you to arm your system.

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Improved Security for Homes & Businesses

Security systems integrated with cellular phone modules offer extra protection and benefits over traditional systems.

No Cables to Cut

Close up of a criminal cutting a security system cable.

With traditional landline security systems, security equipment is connected to a monitoring provider through a phone line. Each piece of security equipment, from cameras to alarms, is connected to a central control panel via a physical line. If a would-be burglar took the time to scout your premises there’s a chance they could find and cut the phone line, preventing the alarm system from notifying the monitoring service of a breach. With a cellular security module, your alarm system is connected to the monitoring service through a wireless cellular network, and the monitors and cameras around your premises are connected wirelessly.

No Power Issues

Many traditional landline-based security systems are susceptible to power-outages if they don’t have adequate backup power in the event the electricity goes out or if lines are cut. Systems that communicate solely through wireless service have a similar issue: if the power goes out, the alarm system is unable to signal to the monitoring service in the event of a breach. Cellular security systems, on the other hand, often have backup power built in so the systems can continue to run in the event of a power outage and can effectively notify your monitoring company in the event of suspicious activity.

Security for Homes & Businesses

Person holding a tablet integrated with a security system, surrounded by various security technology and cameras.

Both homes and businesses can benefit from having a cellular phone module integrated with their security systems. For homeowners, protecting family and assets around the house is invaluable in the event the power goes out due to inclement weather or power lines being tampered with by a bad actor. Similarly, if the power goes out or the power lines are cut to your business, a security system with a cellular security module is able to function and alert in the event a thief is attempting to breach the premises.

Extra Cellular Security Benefits

Security systems integrated with a cellular phone module can be integrated with various technology around your home to improve your life and maximize efficiency. Common integrations include: lighting control, access control, temperature control, and live remote monitoring of CCTV camera feeds. Smartphones can be integrated to allow controlling this various equipment from anywhere with a few taps of the finger, allowing you to reap the benefits of modern smart systems with ease.

For All Your Security Needs

3D Security can help install and integrate cellular security systems across your premises.

With over 30 years of experience, 3D Security has the expertise and experience to install and configure a comprehensive cellular security system for your home or business. We’ve helped secure homes and every type of business and organization, from hospitals to schools, banks, prisons, dental offices, law firms, gas stations, restaurants, oil fields, banks, and more, and we’d love to work with you to create and implement a security system with cellular capabilities that meets and exceeds your security needs and expectations. Contact us today to discuss your situation and goals, we’d love to hear from you.



Jo and David Velvin
Jo and David VelvinVelvin Oil Company
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“When we built our dream home we wanted a state of the art security system. We contacted 3D Security Inc. Their knowledge and professionalism helped us every step of the way with immediate feedback and personal attention. We are very happy with our security system and would highly recommend 3D.”
 Brad Tidwell, President
Brad Tidwell, PresidentCitizens National Bank
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“Safety and security of our employees and customers are of the highest priority to Citizens National Bank. We have entrusted much of this responsibility to 3D Security Inc. for the last few decades. They have always exceeded our expectations.”
Richard Traweek, General Manager
Richard Traweek, General ManagerPatterson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Patterson Toyota
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“We have 3D at my home, tried to use a “cheaper” route at my business. Thankfully 3D was willing to come clean up the mess made by the “cheaper” company who couldn’t do what they said. Highly recommend 3D Security Inc. to any home or business owner.”