Security Cameras & CCTV for Hotels in East Texas

A security camera in the hallway of an East Texas hotel.

In today’s connected world, security cameras are seen just about everywhere. From coffee shops to gas stations and grocery stores, businesses small and large are installing cameras so that they can keep an eye on what’s happening at their locations day or night. In order to keep your hotel safe from thieves, vandals, and other criminals, you need security cameras that can monitor your property 24/7.

The Benefits of Security Cameras for Your Hotel

Security cameras provide you and your staff with the ability to monitor what’s happening at your property 24/7. They give you the peace of mind knowing that your staff, guests, and property are safe under a watchful eye. Security cameras can also improve your business because they create a sense of safety that your guests will appreciate, improve employee safety which can help reduce turnover and improve satisfaction, and help prevent and reduce theft and vandalism.

Where Should You Place Security Cameras in Your Hotel?

Security cameras should be strategically placed and installed throughout your hotel. There are some key places you should consider putting cameras, including: the entrance of your hotel, the lobby, stairwells, and throughout hallways (while ensuring that the cameras can’t see into individual rooms). Additionally, if you have amenities such as a gift shop, pool, or weight room, it’s a good idea to install cameras in appropriate places to help protect your equipment.

Staying Legal: Where Not to Place Security Cameras in Your Hotel

It’s important to note that there are different laws to abide by when installing cameras throughout your hotel. While security cameras strategically placed around your premises can help add a sense of security, there’s a fine balance to consider between being protective versus being intrusive.

There are a few places where you should not put cameras in your hotel. These include: inside guests’ rooms, in bathrooms, in changing rooms (if you have a pool or workout room), or in any other private spaces where guests might have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Cameras in these areas would invade guests’ privacy and could make them feel uncomfortable. Additionally, putting cameras in these spaces could deter potential guests from staying at your hotel. No matter where you place security cameras, be sure to post clear signs informing guests that they are being recorded.

Placing Security Cameras in Your Hotel Parking Lot

The installation of security cameras in your hotel parking lot is a smart decision. If you’re looking to prevent crime from occurring, this option can be the difference between an incident happening and scaring off a potential criminal. Plus, your guests will get a better night sleep knowing that their cars and belongings are being monitored, making it more likely that they’ll return or refer others to your hotel.

Consult with Local Security Experts

There are several factors to consider when you’re deciding on CCTV cameras for your hotel, including the number of cameras, best placement, and what types of security cameras are best for their intended use: interior security cameras vs. exterior security cameras, IP cameras or PTZ cameras, VMS vs. NVR recording and storage, camera resolution, fixed or mobile security cameras; and more.

With so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose the right equipment, placement, and setup of your hotel CCTV system. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. You can leverage the knowledge and expertise of local security experts who can help you determine the best equipment and location, and can help ensure your cameras are set up and configured properly.

If you’re looking to properly secure your hotel in the East Texas area, 3D Security has the expertise you can count on. Our team has experience securing hotels of all types and sizes, and we’re ready to help ensure your hotel is secured to protect your staff, guests, and property. Contact us today to discuss your hotel security goals and needs!