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Jacksonville, TX Crime Statistics

The great city of Jacksonville, Texas is home to 14,898 residents, and its population has stayed fairly consistent over the past 30 years. It’s a great place to live with some beautiful scenery and friendly people, but there’s a fair share of crime going on that rivals the rates found in larger East Texas cities.

Here are some numbers to keep in mind when you decide whether or not it’s time to invest in a security system in Jacksonville for your home and/or business:

Annual Violent Crimes: 116

Annual Property Crimes: 513

With over 500 property crimes committed each year in Jacksonville, that puts the property crime rate at 34 per 1000 residents. The crime index is only 9, which is very low (100 being the safest).

The chances of becoming a victim of a property crime in Jacksonville are 1 in 29, which is much higher than the Texas average (at 1 in 36) – and on par with larger East Texas Cities.

There’s roughly 44 crimes per square mile per year in the city, which is significantly higher than the Texas average (30 per square mile), but similar to a number of other nearby cities.

Jacksonville Home Security Systems

With relatively high crime rates and a very low crime index rating (lower means more crime), it’s a wise idea to consider investing in or upgrading your home security. The odds of you being a victim of property crime are fairly good – people think it won’t happen to them until it’s too late.

Fortunately, you aren’t helpless when it comes to protecting your family, yourself, your home, and your property from criminals. With a state-of-the-art home security solution in place, you can rest easier knowing the things you care about most are monitored and protected around the clock. From door and window monitoring to video surveillance you can access from anywhere with an internet connection, you can keep an eye on everything with little effort, and take appropriate action quickly should any situation arise.

It’s important to know that not all home security systems are created equal. Different tools and security service providers can offer differing levels of protection. You need to be sure that your system is highly accurate so that it alerts you when appropriate, without throwing false alarms which can cause undue stress – along with irritating local authorities (who may issue penalties or fees, or have slower response times in the event of an actual incident). At 3D Security, Inc., we’re proud to install security solutions of the highest quality for residents of the Jacksonville, TX area, and we’d love to talk with you about implementing security in your home, or helping you upgrade your current system.

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Jacksonville Business Security Systems

In areas where crime is high, protecting your home is crucial, but so is protecting your business. A solid commercial security system can help keep yourself and your employees safer, while protecting your and your employees’ assets. Just about any type of business or organization can benefit from a reliable security solution, whether you run an oilfield, a bank, a school, a small office, or anything else.

Different businesses and organizations need different levels and types of security, and 3D Security, Inc. can work with you to help you decide what is best for your specific needs, and create a custom solution that is integrated into a platform that ensures your premises is effectively shielded.

If you’re interested in what tools and services are available to protect your business, visit our Industrial SecurityOilfield Security, or Bank Security pages to see just some of what we offer. Or simply contact us to discuss, we’d love to hear from you!

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