Personal & Fleet Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Keep Track of Your Vehicles with Essential Information Around the Clock

3D Security installs GPS tracking equipment in all types of vehicles. Whether you’re looking to track family members’ driving habits for personal use, or you need to analyze and optimize your commercial vehicles to improve efficiency and save on costs, GPS tracking can benefit just about anyone.

Gain valuable insights with data such as minute-by-minute locations, speeds, stops, and more so you can keep an eye on your vehicles and equipment at all times.


Track One Vehicle or Hundreds of Vehicles

No Fleet Size is Too Large or Small – GPS Data Provides a Variety of Valuable Insights

Personal Tracking

A man on his phone next to his car.

If you want to keep an eye on your teen to ensure they’re safe as they get used to driving on their own, a GPS system in your car can bring you peace of mind. Similarly, if you have an older loved one a GPS system can let you know where they are while still letting them retain their freedom and independence. With personal GPS vehicle tracking you can know where your car is at any time, along with other important data such as speeds travelled to ensure younger drivers in your family are staying safe on the roads. 

Fleet Tracking

A fleet of commercial trucks tracked with GPS.

Configuring your fleet with GPS trackers can provide valuable insights that can help you save money, increase efficiency, and improve your bottom line. Tracking can help you ensure deliveries are made on time, optimize routes, and monitor driver habits for safety. Detailed analytics can help you ensure drivers aren’t accelerating or braking too hard, which can cause wear and tear and result in costly repairs that could otherwise be avoided. GPS tracking helps your company operate smoothly around the clock.

Improve Security

A burglar breaking into a car.

Whether you’re adding GPS vehicle tracking to your personal vehicle or a fleet of work vehicles, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always know exactly where your vehicles are. In the event a vehicle goes missing due to theft or a rogue employee, you’ll be able to quickly pinpoint it and take the proper action to secure your property before more damage can be caused.

Many Use Cases

A row of rental cars protected with GPS tracking.

While GPS vehicle tracking is commonly used in delivery and transportation services, it is gaining in popularity across a variety of unique industries. Car rental companies are utilizing this technology to keep track of their feels of rental cars. Luxury travel and hospitality companies are utilizing GPS to track valuable clients to coordinate welcomes at hotels, restaurants, and more. 

For All Your Tracking Needs

Our GPS Tracking Services Give You the Info You Need at a Glance

3D Security, Inc. GPS vehicle tracking dashboard.

GPS vehicle tracking offers a wide variety of benefits for both personal and business use. As outlined above, you can easily track your personal vehicles and keep track of loved ones to improve safety, or you can use GPS data to keep an eye on a fleet of vehicles to maximize efficiency, minimize damages and losses, and better protect your employees.

GPS data can also help ensure you’re tracking and paying employees correctly, and can help ensure you bill clients appropriately and avoid potential disputes.

If you’re interested in learning more about GPS vehicle tracking solutions in the East Texas area, contact 3D Security today to discuss your needs. Our experts can work with you to determine what features and equipment are best for your goals, and implement and configure a solution that exceeds your expectations.



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