Industrial and Commercial Security Systems

Industrial and Commercial Security System Installation and service by 3D Security Inc. in Henderson, Texas.

As a Top Flight Security Integrator we have designed systems on every scale from Power Plants to Huge Manufacturing Facilities with 100’s of employees, Public Utilities, Medical Facilities, Large Bank Chains, Oilfield Clients, Gas Compression Plants, Shopping Centers, Fuel Depots, Museums, School Systems, Colleges and Universities, Cities, Law Enforcement and almost anything that you can imagine in our nearly 30 year company history.

INDUSTRIAL and COMMERCIAL SECURITY SYSTEMS cover a wide range of options.

Industrial and Commercial Security often includes an array of systems integrated together into a single platform that is used to protect personnel and hard assets.

Industrial and Commercial Security Alarms for Interior and Exterior areas are used to detect intrusion into electronically secured areas.

Industrial and Commercial Buildings Security Alarms, also known as Burglar Alarms, are a series of sensors covering the perimeter of the building and secure important areas inside the building.

There are a wide variety of sensors used to detect a breach into the secured area. Door and Window Sensors, Infrared Beams, Glass Break Sensors, Motion Sensors and Pressure Switches are some of the most common. Sensors can be wired or wireless depending upon the application. Security Alarms can be partitioned allowing the user to arm and disarm certain areas while leaving the balance of the Security System armed. In a partitioned Security System it is possible to assign alarm codes for individual user that only allows them to arm or disarm a particular area. Our systems log what user turned off the system and when.

Outside perimeters and yards came be protected in a number of very effective and accurate ways. Cameras can be set upon the perimeter that can be programmed to detect intrusions and alert when that area is breached. Offsite Video Monitoring can put in place determine the source of the alarm and dispatch help while viewing the incident live this virtually eliminates false alarms. Non- Lethal Electric fences prevent entry into secured areas. With Non-Lethal fences, cutting the fence sets off the alarm. Thermal Cameras can accurately detect a breach into a secured area whether the perimeter is fenced or not with nearly absolute accuracy. Thermal cameras are not affected by any of the problems that often plague many exterior alarms. Exterior beams properly installed and Radar both have a place in the protection of Outdoor perimeters of Industrial and Commercial facilities.

Industrial and Commercial Access Control Systems are used for controlling and logging activity for Doors, Cabinets and Gates for both vehicles and walk traffic. All Access Controlled Doors, Cabinets and Gates are locked using a variety of programmable electronic locking mechanisms. Electrical Strikes and Mag Locks are the most common. These systems can be set to be unlocked at specific days and times and log all activity when the locks are active. Access can be granted using a number of means including Proximity RFID Readers using ID Badges, Tags or FOBs, Keypads and or Biometric Readers. Biometric readers use, fingerprint, hand, retina or facial recognition to allow the user access into the secured area.

Industrial and Commercial Surveillance Systems, also known as camera systems, have become an integral part of the overall security solution for facilities of all sizes. Surveillance Cameras document activities.

Industrial and Commercial Camera Systems range in size depending upon the application. The applications for Industrial and Commercial Cameras determine the performance, size and housing and lensing of each camera. The lighting of the cameras viewing area also plays a large role of the choice of equipment. Cameras viewing areas where lighting is very dark at night or extremely bright during the day must be taken into consideration to insure that the correct camera is installed to provide the performance required in any area. From a few High Definition Cameras to hundreds of cameras placed throughout facilities viewing personal and vehicle entries, parking lots, production areas, inventory, cash registers, delivery docks, equipment and parts storage and personnel safety. Both Live and Archived video are produced to help manage assets and solve questions of what happened when and where.

Wireless Cameras are used in areas where the wiring of the transmission of video portion of the is overly costly or impossible. All cameras including wireless require a power source.

Event recording and be done onsite or offsite using NVR’s, DVR’s or Cloud storage. Some cameras have onboard event storage often capable of storing events for extended periods of time using SD Cards.

Recorded Video Events can be held for almost any length of time using centralized recording systems. Individual cameras can be programed to record only when Activity is Detected (often called motion detection) in a specific area that the camera is viewing. Event Search has become simplified because if an incident occurs in a specific area that area can be highlighted and all the activity in only that defined area is brought for review. Industrial Security Camera Systems recorded events are time stamped and watermarked allowing the recorded events to be used as evidence.

These systems allow multiple viewing options from local viewing to viewing multiple locations across a large geographic area using a company’s WAN on using the Internet.

If desired, live and archived events can be seen from about anywhere using Phones, Tablets, Laptops or PC’s.
Electronic Industrial Security Systems are often times implemented to enhance the effectiveness or eliminate guard or security personnel in a very cost effective way.



Jo and David Velvin
Jo and David VelvinVelvin Oil Company
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“When we built our dream home we wanted a state of the art security system. We contacted 3D Security Inc. Their knowledge and professionalism helped us every step of the way with immediate feedback and personal attention. We are very happy with our security system and would highly recommend 3D.”
 Brad Tidwell, President
Brad Tidwell, PresidentCitizens National Bank
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“Safety and security of our employees and customers are of the highest priority to Citizens National Bank. We have entrusted much of this responsibility to 3D Security Inc. for the last few decades. They have always exceeded our expectations.”
Richard Traweek, General Manager
Richard Traweek, General ManagerPatterson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Patterson Toyota
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“We have 3D at my home, tried to use a “cheaper” route at my business. Thankfully 3D was willing to come clean up the mess made by the “cheaper” company who couldn’t do what they said. Highly recommend 3D Security Inc. to any home or business owner.”