Revolutionary Mobile PERS & Safety Solutions

Reclaim the Confidence to Get Out & Do What You Love

Get peace of mind with fast access to help with the press of a button. Our personal safety devices offer two-way voice and widely prominent 4G LTE cellular coverage, ensuring that you can get emergency help when you need it, where you need it. Our devices include GPS & WiFi location services that allow our 24/7 expert care specialists to quickly locate you in case an emergency arises.

Our PERS devices are simple to use: you’re just one button-press away from reaching expert operators—who are available at any time to help you. Our operators can locate users and send emergency services or a love one to assist. Alternatively, our specialists can stay on the line to provide peace of mind as a user walks to their car or goes for a run.

No landline or base station is needed to fully enjoy the benefits of our PERS, and they’re low maintenance so you don’t need to constantly worry about ensuring your device is fully operational and ready in case of emergency. The batteries in our devices are long-lasting and rechargeable, and the devices come with a lanyard and belt clip for your convenience.

Multiple PERS Devices to Choose From

We offer a few choices so you can choose the right device based on your needs & goals.

Belle 4G LTE Mobile PERS

With the Belle 4G LTE emergency alert pendant, they can have the confidence to explore fearlessly and reach help easily at home and away, across the US where there is 4G LTE cellular coverage.

Belle mobile medical alert is certified on the Verizon and AT&T 4G LTE networks to offer your customers expanded cellular coverage and peace of mind. Belle devices include either Verizon or AT&T 4G LTE coverage.

With the press of one button, your customers can speak with our expertly efficient and compassionate monitoring center specialists and get help quickly. Specialists can send loved ones or emergency services to users, depending on what is needed.


Belle+ 3G Mobile PERS

The Belle+ 3G emergency alert pendant with fall detection, GPS and WiFi location technologies offers your customers confidence to live life on their terms, with the comfort of getting help if needed, anytime and anywhere in the US with AT&T coverage.

If the Belle+ mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) unit detects a fall or if the user presses the button, Belle+ can automatically connect the user with care specialists.

Specialists can speak with the user with the powerful built-in two way voice technology, locate the user via GPS and WiFi location technologies and view user-provided information. Specialists will send loved ones or emergency services to help the user, depending on what is needed. In addition, loved ones can locate Belle+ online.

Compare Features & Benefits

Each mPERS device we offer has a variety of features and benefits.

Belle Features & Benefits

Belle features a market-leading battery life of up to 30 days per charge.

Users can press the battery status button anytime for a real-time battery level update.

Orion, our award-winning cloud-based platform, sends low battery reminders to your customers and their loved ones when the Belle emergency alert pendant needs to be recharged.

The monitoring center will also call customers and their emergency contacts, in order, until someone confirms, to remind them when it’s time to charge the unit.

The device comes with a simple charging cradle to make recharging easy.

Belle works anywhere in the US where there is 4G LTE cellular coverage. Belle devices include either Verizon or AT&T 4G LTE coverage.

Like all Freeus mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) devices, Belle is fully self-contained with a speaker and microphone built in, and it does not rely on a landline or base station.

Your customers can easily use the device to get help at home, running errands or traveling across the country.

Belle enables your customers to press one button to reach our UL-Listed, TMA Five Diamond Certified central station 24/7. Two-way voice technology connects them with expert care specialists. Specialists can locate users and send loved ones or emergency personnel to assist, depending on need.

Using proprietary WiFi location services, Belle can detect nearby hotspots around the device to enable care specialists to locate the device in an emergency. WiFi enables accurate locations indoors and outdoors and uses less battery than GPS.

Belle is smaller than ever. It is easy to wear or carry with the included interchangeable lanyard and belt clip.

The circular LED light around the call button clearly indicates the status of the call and when the pendant needs to be recharged.

Belle+ Features & Benefits

Belle+ uses AT&T coverage across the US to connect users to the monitoring center- no landline or base station is needed. AT&T service is included in the Belle+ monthly monitoring fee.

Users can have confidence to do what they love and know that if they fall or if they need assistance, they can reach caring specialists 24/7 and receive help.

With built-in fall detection technology, Belle+ can contact care specialists automatically if it detects a fall. Specialists can speak with users, locate them and dispatch the needed assistance.

It is not guaranteed that fall detection will always accurately determine a fall. It is advised that the user always presses the button when help is needed.

Belle+ includes GPS and WiFi location technologies to help monitoring center specialists and loved ones locate the user.

The rechargeable battery in Belle+ lasts up to 5 days per charge, and Belle+ includes a simple charging cradle.

Belle+ users can designate loved ones as emergency contacts, so they are notified during and after an emergency. Belle+ users and their loved ones can receive alerts when the Belle+ battery needs to be charged or if it powers off.

mPERS Specifications

Compare each mPERS models’ specifications to determine which is right for your needs.

Belle Specs

Weight1.7 oz
Size1.57″ x 2.60″ x 0.67″
BatteryUp to 30 days per charge
NetworkVerizon & AT&T 4G LTE (includes cellular coverage)
Water-ResistanceIP67 Water-Resistant (do not submerge)

Belle+ Specs

Weight2.3 oz
Size2.9″ x 1.6″ x 0.8″
BatteryUp to 5 days per charge
Location TechnologiesGPS, WiFi, Cellular Triangulation
Fall DetectionYes

The Orion IoT Platform

A Hyper-Redundant System Emergency Response System

About Orion

Orion powers our mobile personal emergency response system products.

The award-winning Orion IoT platform is a fully geographic redundant system, with data replicated between two geographically distant locations. Orion applications can seamlessly switch from one site to the other as needed without affecting dealers and customers.

Hyper-redundancy is a fail-safe measure designed to protect the operational use and support of our devices and the Orion platform.

Orion Features

Using Orion, our mPERS devices send both voice and location data simultaneously to the emergency call center, allowing users to talk to care specialists and receive help around the clock, at home and away. If a Belle user is outside the cellular coverage area, Orion enables devices to dial 911 directly using other compatible area networks.


Features of Orion:

  • Location-Based Services (LBS): LBS is technology that determines user location. Orion incorporates exclusive WiFi location technology into Belle and Belle+. It also utilizes GPS technology in Belle+, which enables caregivers and emergency care specialists to locate Belle+ devices. Devices can be located online or with a free mobile application.
  • Home Indicator: Orion’s proprietary algorithm determines whether the mPERS user is likely at home, enabling quicker dispatch by care specialists.
  • Alert Notifications: Orion sends automatic text message and email notifications to Freeus device users and caregivers for low battery and power off conditions.
  • e911 Technology: Orion features patented location technology that allows care specialists to transfer Belle users directly to 911 operators for phase II locations, and then reconnects the user with specialists when the 911 call ends.