Remote Monitoring Solutions

Keep an Eye on Your Business From Anywhere

Remote video monitoring is ability to monitor live and archived video events from remote locations spread out over large geographic areas.

Whether you have one location, dozens of locations, or any amount in-between, you can rest easy knowing you and your security staff can keep an eye on your business at all times.

A remote video monitoring control room showing dozens of computers showing live and recorded security footage.

Always Know What's Happening on Your Premises

Properly placed CCTV cameras can help improve safety and security across any home or business premises.

Monitor All Locations

Close up of monitors showing security footage in a remote video monitoring center.

An offsite remote monitoring center allows you, your security staff, or remote monitoring solution providers to keep watch over your business location(s), whether you have a single location or many. Video feeds from all locations are streamed and stored in these centers, allowing real-time viewing to help catch suspicious activity as it occurs, and to record this footage in the event it is needed for review at a later date. Having video stored offsite helps keep it safer than if it is stored on-premises, as it eliminates the chances an intruder can locate the video storage and remove or destroy it.

View Footage Anywhere

An iPhone screen showing various security feeds.

In addition to having security footage streamed and stored in a video monitoring center, sophisticated security systems can alos be configured to stream to authorized personnel’s phones. Video evidence is a great way to help law enforcement solve crimes, and can a properly configured CCTV system can make it easy to record and share evidence. With a professional CCTV system, you can record and review video footage around your business (or home) and view the video in real-time from internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Crystal-Clear Images

Combining our cutting-edge CCTV cameras with powerful, reliable monitoring equipment ensures you have the latest in videos security technology, helping to keep your employees, guests, and assets safe. Blurry footage can make it difficult to see what is occurring or has occurred, which can make it less useful in the event of a break-in, burglary, or robbery. High-definition CCTV cameras help record details more clearly, and reliable monitoring equipment ensures data can be easily reviewed without worries of data loss.

Professional Installation

3D Security employee in a hard hat installing a CCTV security camera.

While there are DIY monitoring solutions, it’s important to consult with security experts to integrate a remote video monitoring system for your business. Whether you need a small-scale solution or a large-scale, complex video monitoring system, there are a lot of factors to consider to ensure everything is set up and configured properly. From choosing the equipment to ensuring the cameras properly cover your premises, to integrating the feeds with your remote video monitoring center or service provider, there are many intricate details to consider.

For All Your Remote Monitoring Needs

3D Security has experience installing & integrating remote monitoring technology into any business security system.

Remote video monitoring is becoming more essential with every passing year. Crime rates have been on the rise for years across many parts of Texas and the nation, and more strain is being put on local law enforcement than ever before.

Utilizing a remote monitoring system can help deter criminals and reduce damage and loss in a variety of ways. Prominent CCTV cameras can be a great deterrent to would-be thieves, so having a combination of visible and hidden cameras can keep intruders at bay. Real-time video monitoring can alert you to suspicious activity, allowing you to act quickly to reduce the amount of goods stolen and damage done.

A reliable video monitoring solution allows you to keep an eye on your business no matter how remote the location may be, even when there is no staff on the premises. The footage collected offers a number of benefits, including gathering evidence, boosting staff and customer comfort while on your premises, reducing insurance costs, and more.

3D Security is a leading installer and integrator of remove video monitoring solutions across the East Texas area. We’ve been helping business owners monitor and secure their property for over 30 years—from schools and banks to prisons, oilfields, offices, medical centers, construction site, and more, we’ve got the experience you can count on.

Our goal is to improve your peace of mind by helping you properly secure and monitor your business, and our experts are ready to help you meet and exceed your security goals. We’ll work with you to create a custom-tailored plan to ensure you have the video coverage you need to protect your premises.

If you’d like to discuss your current situation and your security needs, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with our friendly security experts—we’d love to hear from you!



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“When we built our dream home we wanted a state of the art security system. We contacted 3D Security Inc. Their knowledge and professionalism helped us every step of the way with immediate feedback and personal attention. We are very happy with our security system and would highly recommend 3D.”
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“Safety and security of our employees and customers are of the highest priority to Citizens National Bank. We have entrusted much of this responsibility to 3D Security Inc. for the last few decades. They have always exceeded our expectations.”
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“We have 3D at my home, tried to use a “cheaper” route at my business. Thankfully 3D was willing to come clean up the mess made by the “cheaper” company who couldn’t do what they said. Highly recommend 3D Security Inc. to any home or business owner.”