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Reliable Video Surveillance Solutions

Comprehensive Video Surveillance Solutions Custom-Tailored for Your Needs

Reliable video surveillance can help you detect, deter, and catch trespassers, thieves, and criminals before you suffer loss or damage—no matter what type of business or organization you run.

From systems that provide real-time high-definition streaming viewable from anywhere you have access to internet, to advanced motion detection and remote monitoring, to voice-down communication to speak to trespassers in real-time let them know they’ve been detected and are being watch—modern day video surveillance systems can add a strong layer of protection to your security system.

No two businesses are the same, so there’s no one-size-fits all solution when it comes to ensuring your premises is properly monitored and secured. Working with a local reputable security system integrator such as 3D Security, Inc. can help ensure that you’re as protected as possible.

Video Surveillance Systems close up of security cameras mounted on a pole.

Video Surveillance for Any Type of Business

3D Security, Inc. can help craft the perfect video surveillance system for your security needs for any scenario.

Construction Sites

Construction sites are always changing—different equipment, materials, and staff are needed at various points throughout projects—which can cause a variety of security headaches. It can be difficult to prevent and detect theft and vandalism and mitigate liabilities. However, a reliable video monitoring system can help prevent theft and damage, keep those on-site culpable for their actions, and save time, money & resources over the course of construction projects— Conventional security guards are expensive and have limited ability to watch the entire site.

Oilfields & Mining Sites

Silhouette of an oil field at dusk.

Security and safety are core issues for oilfields and mining sites. Protecting resources, equipment, staff, and the community from never-ending threats is a never-ending challenge. Video surveillance technology can help prevent theft, mitigate liability and deter trespassers, so you can better manage your site. Industrial properties house very valuable tools, equipment, and materials that can be at risk of being vandalized or stolen. Anyone who stores inventory or assets outside knows security is a critical concern since fences, gates, and lights can only do so much.

Energy Companies & Power Plants

Picture of a power plant at night taken from a video surveillance camera.

Security must always be a top priority for energy companies and power plants—an intruder could easily cause tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, pose health and safety threats to staff, disrupt operations, and cause severe liability issues in a very short time-frame. While a variety of security technologies should be implemented to keep the perimeter and premises as secure as possible, a high-quality & reliable video surveillance system should be implemented and monitored closely to detect and deter would-be bad actors before they have a chance to cause issues on the property.

Office Buildings

Picture of a new set of office buildings taken from the parking lot.

It’s crucial for office building owners to ensure tenants are protected as best as possible—not only to ensure satisfaction and bolster retention rates and lease re-signings, but to limit possible liabilities and legal issues. While security guards may be a decent choice, they can be costly and aren’t able to be present everywhere at all times. A reliable video monitoring solution can provide real-time data related to suspicious occurrences and trespassing, which can provide opportunities to prevent the crimes before they occur, while also recording evidence to help establish proof in legal matters.

Retail Stores

Picture of a retail store that needs a video security system.

Each retail establishment has unique security needs based on a number of factors: historical damage and theft data, cost of current security, volume of traffic, demographics, premises and building layout, types of goods sold, etc. Depending on the location and layout, in addition to the storefront and entry areas, video surveillance coverage might wise to implement in back alleys and loading bays, parking lots or garages, rooftops, and strategically throughout the building(s).

Multi-Family Residential Property

A set of apartment buildings taken near the road with trees and grass in the foreground.

It’s important for apartment complexes to provide and maintain a secure environment for tenants while simultaneously reducing liability around the clock. Safer properties can often command higher rental rates with higher occupancy rates, which translates to a bigger bottom-line. Having cameras positioned around the premises can offer residents peace of mind and deter would-be criminals before they act.

Self-Storage Facilities

Two self-storage building units taken from a surveillance system.

Security is essential at self-storage properties and can often make or break someone’s decision when selecting a facility. Video surveillance doesn’t just help protect your self-storage property, it drives up fill rates and controls operating costs. It’s a critical service when you’re also protecting your customers’ possessions and need to limit exposure to premises liability.

Automotive Dealerships

Interior of a car dealership with several cars in a showroom.

Auto dealerships and car lots have a variety of valuable inventory on hand that can be attractive to thieves and vandals. As such, these businesses can be at high risk for theft, loss, and damages. A well-implemented video monitoring system can provide surveillance for your inventory and customer parking lot(s), show room(s), various access points, service bays, and more to ensure that property is always properly monitored.

Schools & Campuses

Security camera with blurred school library in the background.

School security systems must be able to provide higher levels of safety with a wider variety of features and reliability. Video monitoring and recording is becoming more and more necessary in order to be able to detect and review any incidents that may occur on campus. A video security system can help detect threats in real-time, and when used in conjunction with other security technology (such as access control), can help improve safety on the premises.


Church leaders, patrons, and volunteers come to a house of worship each week, and it’s important to take proactive steps to ensure their safety however possible. Additionally, churches and places of worship can house valuable and irreplaceable assets and artifacts that should be protected. Having CCTV technology as part of a church security system can help deter possible crime and aid in finding those who damage or steal from the property.



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“When we built our dream home we wanted a state of the art security system. We contacted 3D Security Inc. Their knowledge and professionalism helped us every step of the way with immediate feedback and personal attention. We are very happy with our security system and would highly recommend 3D.”
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“Safety and security of our employees and customers are of the highest priority to Citizens National Bank. We have entrusted much of this responsibility to 3D Security Inc. for the last few decades. They have always exceeded our expectations.”
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“We have 3D at my home, tried to use a “cheaper” route at my business. Thankfully 3D was willing to come clean up the mess made by the “cheaper” company who couldn’t do what they said. Highly recommend 3D Security Inc. to any home or business owner.”