The Benefits of Access Control Systems for Businesses

Close up of a hand using a key card for a business access control system.

Business Access Control Systems

If you’re looking to keep your East Texas business secure, an access control system may be a crucial component and a wise investment. Even small businesses with only a handful of employees can benefit from an access control system.

A reliable system can help stop security threats before they occur and provide peace of mind. No matter what type of  business you run, there’s like assets or data that could and should be restricted from some staff members and/or visitors and clients. It’s important to keep the public or unauthorized employees from exploring your premises and possibly stumbling upon sensitive information or valuable assets that need to be protected. An access control system can help prevent such incidents and keep a record of who has accessed protected areas and when.

Protect Valuables & Sensitive Data

If your business has valuable assets that are easy to move and sell, it’s a good idea to keep these valuables secured when possible. Similarly, if you have sensitive data about your customers and clients (such as addresses or health information, etc.) or employees (i.e. human resource data on various staff members), it’s important to ensure only authorized personnel have access to the data–which is where access control can play a key role.

More Secure Than Traditional Locks & Keys

If you have an employee that has malicious intent, it’s not difficult for them to copy keys to gain access to unauthorized areas. If they wind up cloning a key, you’d need to change the locks to ensure they can no longer access various areas across your property. With an access control system, you can disable access codes and access cards as needed with no extra hassle or headache.

Control Access in a Variety of Ways

While access control is commonly used for doors, it can be used in a number of ways on a property. For example, you can utilize access control to lock down access to cabinets and drawers. You can also utilize access control for traffic in and out of your premises by utilizing a system with fences and parking gates. With perimeter access control you can add an extra layer of protection and keep intruders out before they can become a problem.

Record Access History

With traditional locks and keys, there’s no record of who access what areas of your property and when. With an access control system, not only can you disable access for employees as needed, you can also record access history on a per-person basis 24/7. As a staff member scans their card to gain access to any locked off areas, the system can note the location and time of access.

With this information, not only can you track activity if assets go missing, but you can also track when employees arrive and leave work, which can help ensure your staff stays honest and doesn’t take advantage to boost their paychecks.

Save Energy & Related Expenses

If you’re interested in taking an access control system to the next level, you may be able to integrate it with other systems on your premises. For example, you can hook your system to your lighting, and lights can turn on and off automatically as users access various areas. Alternatively, higher-end access control systems can integrate with your HVAC system and cool and heat areas as they’re in use.

Streamline Employee Turnover

When you lose an employee for any reason, it can be a bit of a hassle to take care of everything that comes with their departure. Aside from exit interviews, hiring a replacement, and other activities, you also need to take some security precautions (such as collecting any keys) — and if you’re worried about the employee having a copy of the key(s), you’ll need to replace locks and assign new keys to everyone else at your business. With an access control system, you can disable a keycard (or replace a lost one) without any hassle–which can save a lot of time, effort, and money.

If you’re interested in utilizing an access control system to secure your business premises, it’s a good idea to consult with local security experts to ensure you get the gear you need for the best protection with your budget.

If you’re in the East Texas area, be sure to give 3D Security, Inc. a call or reach out on our contact form to discuss your situation and needs. With nearly 30 years in the security industry, we’ve installed access control systems for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes, and we’d love to help you next.