The Benefits of Security Systems for Landlords

A for rent sign in front of a large house.

As a landlord, having a security system installed at your rental property can benefit you (and your tenants) in several ways. From better protecting your property to increasing its value, the benefits are numerous. Here are some of the top benefits of having a reliable security system installed in your property today!

1) Protect & Boost the Value of Your Property

Installing a security system can increase the value of your rental property and help you generate more income from it. A tenant will typically pay more to rent a property that has an alarm system installed because they know it is protected by an alarm.

In addition, a security system can add to the curb appeal of your property, and makes a great selling point to help your listing stand out from other rentals in the area. For some tenants, a good alarm system might be the most important factor in choosing a property to rent.

2) Your Tenants Will Feel Safer & More Comfortable

On top of protecting your property and increasing its value and rental rate, a security system provides your tenant with peace of mind. They can sleep better knowing they’re protected at night, and don’t have to worry when away from home.

Having a security system on your rental property shows prospective tenants that they are dealing with an experienced landlord who understands their needs. This can help build trust between landlord and tenant and make them feel more comfortable living in their new place.

3) A Security System Can Help You Avoid Liability

With landlords facing hefty lawsuits every year, having a security system in place shows tenants that you are responsible for their protection. It’s not uncommon for tenants to attempt to sue after they’ve experienced a break-in by claiming that the landlord didn’t do enough to help protect the premises. By having a security system you can demonstrate that you do care and took reasonable measures to secure the premises.

4) Save on Insurance

A security system installed on your rental property can help lower your insurance costs. In fact, a decent security system installed on your property can net you up to 20%+ savings on your insurance policy.

Adding other measures, like improved window and door locks and motion sensors, can help lower your insurance costs even more. That makes them a great option for both newly built rental properties and existing properties alike.

The addition of a security system to your rental property may also help your tenants obtain renters’ insurance at lower rates because it will minimize their risk exposure in the eyes of their insurer, keeping premiums lower and coverage more affordable. This can be another great selling point for a potential tenant.

Install a Security System for Your Rental Property Today

As you can see, security systems are an important part of owning rental property. Not only do they protect your property and prevent damage and loss, they also give you and your tenants peace of mind. Plus, you can increase the value of your property and command a higher rent from renters, while saving more on insurance costs.

If you own rental property in the East Texas area, contact 3D Security today. We can work with you to create and implement a security system that meets and exceeds your security needs, while staying within your budget.