White Oak Security Systems: Do You Need One?

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White Oak Crime Statistics & Overview

White Oak, Texas has grown by about 20% over the past ~30 years, from roughly 5,000 residents in 1990 to around 6,300 residents as of 2017. It’s received a solid A rating from Area Vibes for its low crime rate, which is nice to see. There were 0 murders reported on the latest crime statistic update, which should make residents feel great, as that’s pretty rare for a town with a population above a few thousand residents.

With that said, there were still a fair amount of property crimes committed, with 120 reports on the most recent update:
Annual Violent Crimes: 7

Annual Property Crimes: 120

Unfortunately, even in areas where violent crime is almost non-existent, there’s still a fair share of property crimes committed each year, as shown from the numbers above. About 19 people per 1000 residents will be a victim of property crime in White Oak each year. This is much lower than most of the surrounding areas, but not quite the lowest.

While crime is on the low side, leaving your home and property wide open to potential criminals and bad-actors isn’t the wisest move; it’s better to be protected and prepared than to become the next victim. Fortunately, securing your family, home, and assets is easy with a reliable alarm system–if you don’t have one or have an out-of-date solution, now is a great time to consider investing in one or upgrading your current setup.

White Oak Residential Home Security System Options

While White Oak is a peaceful community, its residents aren’t immune from bad actors. The odds of being a victim of property crime are fairly slim, but that doesn’t mean that the chance doesn’t exist, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, smart burglars and thieves stake out homes before breaking in, so if they’re able to determine you don’t have adequate security, they’re much more likely to strike when the opportunity arises.

Fortunately, you can protect your family, home, and property without much hassle or cost. Having a reliable alarm system installed can be the difference between keeping your premises guarded or being the next victim of property crime in the area. A decent alarm system can help you monitor your home day and night and alert you of any suspicious activity, and also alert White Oak law enforcement should there be a threat to your home.

Basic protection can cover your windows and doors to ensure there’s no unexpected entries, and more advanced protection is available if you decide to bolster your security. Such protection can include CCTV monitoring, perimeter monitoring, and more. With that said, not all security solutions are equally effective. The last thing you want is a system that throws false alarms. Not only can less-adequate systems cause you undue stress, they can also result in warning and fines from the police.

Choosing the ideal security system for your home can feel a bit overwhelming, but you don’t have to decide what’s best for your needs on your own. A quick chat with one of our security experts can put your mind at ease and help you make an informed decision. 3D Security Inc. has installed reliable, affordable security systems in homes across White Oak and the surrounding areas for over 30 years, and we’d love to help you protect your home with a system that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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White Oak Business & Industrial Security Systems

If you run an organization or business in White Oak, it’s important to ensure it’s protected from would-be bad actors. It doesn’t matter whether you run a small office, a bank, a school, or anything in between–any type of business or organization can be an ideal target for criminals if they know your security is lacking.

Commercial security solutions come in a wide variety of offerings, and there’s no solution that’s ideal for every scenario. You may need advanced protection such as access control or CCTV monitoring, or a simple intrusion detection system may be sufficient. It can be tough to decide exactly what you need, but consulting with security experts can help put your mind at rest knowing your premises is secured. If you’d like to see some security features and services that can be deployed to guard your business or organization, be sure to take a look at our Commercial & Industrial Security page.

We’ve helped business and organization of all size secure their premises and assets for over 30 years in White Oak and the surrounding East Texas areas, and we know that each security solution needs to be custom-tailored to each client. Contact us today by calling 903-657-2217 or reach us through our contact form and we’ll get back with you as quickly as possible. We’d love to help secure your business so you can focus on your day-to-day without worrying about potential threats.

Crime Statistics via AreaVibes

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