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I accidentally set off my alarm system, what do I do?
First, disarm your system. In most cases, you can cancel the alarm by disarming your system immediately after setting it off. If our monitoring center calls your home, say your password and cancel the alarm. You can also stop alarm dispatch by calling Central Station at (800) 683-6773, you must know your password. If your system is in alarm and you are not sure what set the alarm off, do not disarm system until the cause of alarm is determined.
Why is my system beeping, and how do I stop the beeping?
Your system is beeping because it wants to confirm with you that you are aware there is an error. First, press the status key (*) on the touchpad, a message will scroll across the display explaining why the system is beeping. In many cases, by pressing the status key (*) twice and seeing the message “system is ok” you will stop the beeps. If beeps continue, press 8 + CODE + 3 (Concords) or CODE + 9 (ITI PRO 3000-5000), then disarm system. Call our office at 903-657-2217 or toll free at 800-677-6273 for assistance.
My electricity is out, does my security system work?

Yes, our systems are equipped with back up batteries and may work without electricity for a limited time. You may notice your keypad is blank, this means the system is just conserving energy. To arm or disarm system press keys on keypad and keypad will light up to confirm arming change.

My electricity is out, why is my system beeping?
If your electricity goes off, the panel will set up a series of trouble beeps. Simply go to the touchpad and press the status (*) button, then disarm the system. This should stop the trouble beeps and allow you to rearm the system. If the electricity does not come back on in a few hours, the panel may again initiate another set of trouble beeps. Once again, hit the status (*) button and turn system off twice. This process will also have to be done when the electricity comes back on.
How can I tell if my Security System will call out in case of emergency?
To check your system communication, you can send a manual phone test to check the system, enter 8 + CODE + 2 (Concord Systems) or CODE + 8 (ITI PRO 3000-5000). If you are unsure of your panel type, here’s a quick reference: If you disarm by 1 + CODE you have a Concord. If you disarm by CODE + 1 you have an ITI PRO 3000-5000.
Do I have to have a phone line for my security system to work?
Yes, you must have phone communication for your security system to notify the authorities! When you have no phone service, the panel cannot transmit signals from your security system to the monitoring center. This means your panic button, smoke, or intrusion alerts will not get through to dispatch. Consider installing a backup Cellular Phone Module to your security system to help support your Alarm’s phone communication.
I want to switch to Digital Phone Service - will this effect my Alarm System?
Yes, digital phone service is run over broadband connections and its providers use the Internet to send calls from one part of the country to another. Analog phone service is typically more stable than digital phone service. Case in point: how often does your cable go out? And how few times have you picked up your analog telephone and not had a dial tone? You can expect to lose digital phone service at least as often as your cable goes out or you lose power. However, a Cellular Phone Module can be added to your security system for parallel communication to protect your Alarm’s phone communication.
How can I set my alarm system when it says “protest”?
Your system says “protest” when a door or window is showing open. First, press the status key (*) to see which sensor is showing “open.” Next, check the “open” door or window and make sure it is closed; you may want to open and close it again. After doing this, arm the system. If you once again get the “protest” message, arm your system then press bypass button (#) and your system will be armed and the one sensor that is showing open will be bypassed.
How do I test my system?
You can test your system 2 ways: Send a Manual phone test or set alarm off. First, you can send a manual phone test, enter 8 + CODE + 2 (Concord Systems) or CODE + 8 (ITI PRO 3000-5000). Your system will beep when phone test complete or give you an error message if test failed. If your phone test fails, call our office for assistance. Concord systems will need to press status (*) after phone test to clear the memory. Second, you can check your system with Central Station by setting your alarm off. Arm your alarm and then open a door or window to set off alarm system. Let the system sound until you get a call from Central Station you must know your password. Then disarm the system. If you want to test panic sensors or medical alerts, you must call our office to put your system on test before you press them.
How do I know if the sensors are working?
To check your sensors, put your system in Sensor Test, enter 8 + CODE + 3 (Concord Systems) or CODE + 7 (ITI PRO 3000-5000) If you are unsure of your panel type, here’s a quick reference: If you disarm by 1 + CODE you have a Concord. If you disarm by CODE + 1 you have an ITI PRO 3000-5000. After you put your system in Sensor Test, your display will say “Sensor test 15 minutes”, this means you have 15 minutes to open and close all your windows and doors, and press your panics and medical alerts. (Tip: it’s best if you use two people for this test. One person at keypad to view display and another person to open and close the doors and windows).
I want to remove my home phone line, is there an alternative for my Security System’s phone communication?
Yes, we can add a Cellular Phone Module to your security system. This will allow your panel to call out to our monitoring station through a cellular signal plus many other features.