Bank Security

When we think of bank robbers, we usually imagine what we see in movies: masked gunmen making big, bombastic shows while they threaten your clients and employees to “put the money in the bag.” In reality, Signs of a robbery can be as simple as a few strange questions from a suspicious person or stolen access control through your bank’s security system.

To keep an eye on suspicious activity, you need custom-designed High Performance Bank Security Systems that include high definition video surveillance, intruder and burglar alarms, high-tech access control, and more. 3D Security can install & integrate a variety of security technology for maximum effectiveness, compliance, safety & protection. In a world of ever-changing technology and more sophisticated attacks, your technology will need to keep up. 3D Security boasts over 25 years of bank security experience with clients ranging from big chains to single branch operations throughout Texas.

What 3D offers to update your Bank Security systems and processes:

  • Security Monitoring, Service, Installations
  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring, Service, Installations
  • Light Readings
  • Yearly security inspections with reports

In 1990, we had our humble beginnings in a garage in East Texas. Since then, 3D Security has pursued the best security technology to become a best of class integrator in more than 45 counties in Texas. As we expand, we continue to honor strong client relationships as our best-in-class team of security professionals meets our clients’ wants, needs, and budget. 

If we’re not serving your area, contact us and we’ll make it happen.