Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream Security

The world runs on oil, upstream, midstream and downstream companies. They all have some of the most complex and expensive machinery in the world, but a single incident can stop everything in its tracks. Whether it’s the result of gross negligence, accidental trespassing, or deliberate theft and sabotage, a compromised work site can cause danger to your business and the lives that depend on it.

To protect your site, you need a high-tech security system to keep your site properly monitored and snuff out vulnerabilities. That means proper site access control, security lighting, video surveillance, and mobile surveillance units to secure your site and drive out bad actors.

What 3D offers to help monitor your site:

  • Site Access Control

  • Video Surveillance

  • Mobile Surveillance Units

In 1990, we had our humble beginnings in a garage in East Texas. Since then, 3D Security has pursued the best security technology to become a best of class integrator in more than 45 counties in Texas. As we expand, we continue to honor strong client relationships as our best-in-class team of security professionals meets our clients’ wants, needs, and budget. 

If we’re not serving your area, contact us and we’ll make it happen.